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Deposit for a Pottery Party - book your workshop date

Deposit for a Pottery Party - book your workshop date

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Join ceramic artist Katie Jenssen inside her studio for your very own pottery party! Celebrating a birthday? Hen's do? Or just want to do something really fun with your friends? This is the perfect option! You can bring along drinks (alcohol is welcome and encouraged), a platter or even a cake and Katie will have your workshop all set up and ready to show you how to get creative with clay! These workshops are designed for beginners and set in a relaxed working studio environment.

Please read the description below before booking a date. 

If there is a date you have in mind that's not on here please feel free to get in touch, sometimes I can be flexible, other times the date is already booked. My email is

By paying the $100 here you are locking in a date, once you have decided on the workshop you would like to do Katie will invoice you the full amount for the workshop and will take your deposit off the cost. If for any reason you can no longer make the date you booked, your deposit will not be able to be refunded.

Prices for these workshops are fixed and you can bring up to 8 people for the cost of the workshop. If you have more friends wanting to join, this is possible but please get in touch with Katie to see what the extra cost will be. Katie's email is

These workshops are great for beginners and Katie loves to encourage creativity.

Workshop options and prices;

Please see the photos above to get an idea of what you can make.




Make a mug


2.5 hours

Make a boob mug


2.5 hours

Make a set of 3 small bud vases


2 hours

Make a medium sized vase (20cm tall) 

We can make this a boob vase making workshop


2.5 hours

Make a set of 6 small nesting bowls


2 hours

Make a tiny house for a tealight candle


2.5 hours

Make a mini planter with a water tray

(approx 8cm tall)

$760 2.5 hours

Make a medium sized planter, no tray (13cm tall x 13cm wide)

We can make this a boob planter making workshop


2.5 hours

Make a trinket tray, ring bowl and a ring cone (3 piece set)


1.5 hours

Penis mug making workshop $680 2.5 hours
Sculptural penis bud vase making workshop $680 1.5 hours
Make a large platter (30cm diameter) $1,200 2 hours


Once you have booked a date Katie will email you to ask what workshop you would like to do, this doesnt need to be decided on until a week before the workshop date. You also dont need to pay for the full cost of the workshop until a week before at the latest.

We welcome all groups including work groups and hens parties. People must be at least 12 years of age to join in on the group workshop. You are welcome to bring drinks, including alcohol, you can bring snacks too although your hands will be getting pretty drity with clay.

Glazing your work

Katie will glaze your piece with a clear glaze and it will come out of the kiln glossy and food safe. It will be the colour of the clay which is a buff speckled brown colour (see photos above). Every coulple of months Katie hosts glazing sessions where you can come back to add colourful glazes to your work if you like, this is an extra cost and doesnt need to be decided on until the end of the workshop, each person can decided this individually.


What does the workshop cost cover?

The workshop cost is all inclusive; it covers clay, firing costs, glazing as well as tea, coffee and use of aprons.

If I have less than 8 people does it make the workshop cheaper?

No, these workshops are a fixed cost, you can bring up to 8 people in total. If you have more friends please enquire about the extra cost.

How long does it take to get my work back after the workshop is finished?

It usually takes between 4-6 weeks. Your piece needs to fully dry, be fired two seperate times in the kiln as well as being glazed. Time depends on how warm the weathers been and where in line for the kiln your workshop is.

Will my pottery be food safe?

Yes, once glazed it will be foodsafe, water tight and microwave safe.

Can I bring my kids?

No sorry, these workshops are for people aged 12+. However if you have a child thats a bit younger than 12 and you are confident in their abilities/ are happy to give them extra help you can enquire about bringing them.

I've never done pottery before, are these workshops suitable for me?

Yes they are, all my workshops are designed for complete beginners.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes you can bring alcohol and other drinks with you :)


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