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Pottery Party Pack - a group at home pottery kit (bond payment for kit)

Pottery Party Pack - a group at home pottery kit (bond payment for kit)

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Important - The price of the Pottery Pack that you pay when buying it here through my website is the bond for your pack, not the cost of the pack. Please make sure to read the description below before booking a date for your pack.

Bring your friends together and host a Pottery Party at your place!

This Pottery Party Pack has everything you need to create your own pottery mugs from the comfort of your home or get creative and make something completely different. To host a party all you need to do is get your group of friends together, collect the pack from Katie's studio, set it up at your house, put some tunes on and make pottery while you snack and get creative together.

How it works

1. Collect your pack from Katie's studio in Kaiapoi

2. Set up your pack at home, make your mugs using the instructions or video Katie has created, glaze your mugs with the colourful glazes included in your pack.

3. Drop the pack and finished creations back to Katie's studio

4. Katie will fire your pottery twice in the kiln and glaze them with a coat of clear glossy glaze, making your work food safe.

5. Pick up your finished pieces from her studio 4-6 weeks after drop off.

What's in the Pottery Pack

  • Clay - enough for everyone to make one mug (you can buy extra if you want to make more things)
  • Paint brushes
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Needle tools
  • News print
  • hand towels
  • pottles of slip
  • Wooden boards
  • Making instructions
  • Host instructions
  • Glazes (aka pottery paints)
  • Bowls
  • Extra brushes for glazes
  • Colour wheel
  • Letters stamps
  • Sponges
  • heart, star and daisy shape cut outs for decorations

Bond payment for your Party Pottery Pack $50

The $50 you are paying through my website is the bond for your pack, not the cost - this will be invoiced separately. Your bond will be refunded back to you through my website when you return the pack with all the contents (please be aware that it can take 7 days for my website to process this refund back into your account).

By choosing a date below you agree to pick it up and drop if back off to my studio in Kaiapoi within those dates. If you drop it off outside of the date you will not receive your refund. Please be aware that your pack might be booked for pick up the day after you drop it off.

If pieces are missing from the pack the cost will be taken from your bond.

If you no longer want the Pottery Pack that you have reserved you will not receive your bond payment if you let me know less than 14 days from your collection date. If you would like to change the date of collection please get in touch with Katie.

The cost of the pottery pack will be invoiced to you and needs to be paid in full before your collection date.

Price of your Party Pottery Pack

This price includes;

  • The use of everything in your pack - almost all things need to be returned.
  • The price of firing 1x mug/ person twice in the kiln and adding a coat of clear glossy glaze. Additional pieces made with the pack will be charged extra for firing and glaze.

Minimum price is $225 - This includes everything you need to set up for 5 people

Each additional person is an extra $45

Please get in touch if you have more than 20 people and I can let you know if this is possible for the date you would like.

If you have less than 5 people this is totally fine but the price is still the same, it would mean you have extra clay to split between the people you have and the cost would still cover the firing of 5x mugs/ mug sized pieces.

Once you have booked a date through the website Katie will get in touch with you through email to ask how many people you would like your pack made up for.

Buying extra clay

There is also an option to buy extra clay. The cost is 2kg for $25. You can let Katie know once she emails you after you have booked your dates. To help you decide how much extra clay you might need, it is 600g to make a mug with a handle. Please note that pieces made with extra clay will be charged for firing and glazing at an additional cost depending on their size.


Do I need to get our work fired in the kiln?

Yes, this makes it food safe and water tight. This cost is included with your pack.

Can I get a pack if I don't live in Christchurch and send you my pieces to fire?

No, once made the clay is extremely fragile and wouldn't survive the post.

Can I get a pack if i have less than 5 friends?

Yes you can but it is still the same price as a 5 person pack. You could divide the extra clay among you to make extra things.

How long does it take to get my work back?

Please allow 4-6 weeks from dropping off your pieces to my studio in Kaiapoi.

What age range is this pack suitable for?

There are a lot of instructions to follow and with clay, if its not done right it can crack and even explode in the kiln. For this reason I recommend 10 years+ unless there is an adult willing to sit and help with the pack.

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