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Pottery Pack - at home pottery kit

Pottery Pack - at home pottery kit

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Pottery pack

More packs coming soon

Create a piece of pottery from the comfort of your home with my Pottery Pack. You'll get everything you need to make a mug, a vase, a dish, a sculpture or be as creative as you like and come up with your own ideas.

How it works

Once you have your pottery pack at home you can read through some of my suggested ideas or come up with a fun idea yourself. Once you have made your piece/s you can choose to keep it as it is and it will harden as it dries (but wont be water tight or food safe) or you can bring it in to my studio and I can fire it for you in my kiln. I will give it a coat of clear glossy glaze, this will make it food safe and water tight. Firing is an extra charge and will be calculated on the size of your pieces.

What's in the Pottery Pack:

  • 1.5kg of white clay (enough to make 3 mugs)
  • sponge for smoothing clay
  • popsicle stick for smoothing joins
  • metal pin tool for scoring and cutting clay
  • slip for joining pieces of clay together
  • brush for brushing on the slip
  • paper to keep your work area clean
  • handmade clay cutters for cutting clay (and to show you what the white clay looks like when glazed and fired in the kiln)
  • wooden board to work on
  • rolling pin
  • two instruction booklets on how to use your pack

Adding Colour (glaze)

You can also choose to add colourful underglazes to your pack to paint designs onto your pottery. Each colour comes in a 20ml container, you can mix colours to create new ones just like colour theory. 20ml will cover approx one coat on one mug. You can either glaze the whole piece or add accents. If you choose to get your piece fired in the kiln I will coat it in a clear glossy glaze. You can see the glaze options in the colour wheel photo. In the photo you can also see what one coat of glaze looks like compared to two coats of glaze (two coats is recommended). You can also choose more than 3 colours if you wish. They are an extra $5/ 20ml, please get in touch to organise this.

Buying more clay

There is also an option to buy a one off, extra 2kg of clay. Please get in touch if you would like to add this to your pack for an extra $25.


Do I need to get my work fired in the kiln?

Only if you want it to be food safe and water tight.

Can I get a pack if I don't live in Christchurch and send you my pieces to fire?

No, once made the clay is extremely fragile and wouldn't survive the post. You could get a pack if you know someone in your local area who is willing to fire your pieces.

How much does it cost to get my work fired?

This depends on the size of your piece but generally about $5-20/ piece.

How long does it take to get my work back?

Please allow 4-6 weeks from dropping off your pieces to my studio in Kaiapoi.

What age range is this pack suitable for?

There are a lot of instructions to follow and with clay, if its not done right it can crack and even explode in the kiln. For this reason I recommend 10 years+ unless there is an adult willing to sit and help with the pack.


Please note that i can only fire work in my kiln that has been made from my Pottery Packs. I have limited space so wouldn't be able to fire your work as an ongoing thing, unless you have bought multiple packs.

The photos of pieces that have been made from the packs have not yet been fired in the kiln. When they come out of the kiln they will be white and glossy.

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